I am Yann Fresnel, French and originally from Brittany.

I am an epicurean who loves to share good times with my family or friends.

I am a competitor (tennis, half marathon) who loves to take on challenges and achieve his goals.

I like to travel and discover other cultures, get in touch with the locals to exchange and share.

After studying International Business in Rennes, I went to live abroad.

We could summarize my career in 4 parts:

Spain and Portugal

I started my career there as a 3rd year internship then I stayed for 6 years living in Madrid where I learned Spanish and Portuguese (I traveled a lot in Portugal too).

I worked at D’Aucy Spain (food). I traveled all over Spain to visit multi-card agents, count their remote stock, see customers and sell in national and regional centres.

I then set up Tifany Spain at 25 (decorated disposable tableware) from scratch. I created the SOTEDISA SL subsidiary for the Iberian market, recruited 2 back office assistants, 15 multi-card agents for sales, managed national accounts, carried out major commercial and marketing development in Spain/Portugal and set up a central stock in Madrid (turnover from 0 to 700KE in 3 years).

It was a very important period in my life where I really enjoyed discovering Latin culture, local traditions, parties and Spanish life.

in France: Discovery of
Export and Major Export

When I returned to France, I worked for 12 years internationally in the EXPORT department and I visited 55 countries during numerous trips (50% of my time).

In 2000, I was transferred to TIFANY at headquarters to manage distributors or find distributors in Southern Europe, Switzerland, Holland, Eastern Europe and Latin America
(turnover from 1 to 1.5M Euros in 2 years).

I then joined BERCHET/SMOBY (toys) in 2002 where I stayed for 4 years. I had full responsibility for World Export excluding Western European subsidiaries.

I managed the Poland subsidiary (5 people), a back office (3 people), 1 Asia zone manager, direct accounts in the Nordic countries, Switzerland, Benelux, North America and distributors in Europe. Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

I created a lot of new direct customers and distributors (turnover +62% in 4 years at 6M Euros).

In 2006, I joined the TOTAL group (chemicals) in the consumer goods / childcare division with the NUK-TIGEX brands (Germany/France). I developed sales in Europe, in particular the Italian subsidiary (N°5 in the world in 120 countries), direct accounts in England, Holland, Switzerland and numerous distributors in Eastern Europe (turnover +90% in 6 years at 7.7M Euros).

in France: French market and Europe

In 2012, I created BERG Toys France (toy), little present and developed sales on specialized channels of toys, sports, childcare, gardening and internet (AMAZON, CDISCOUNT, FNAC, JOUE CLUB, KING JOUET, PICWICTOYS, MAXI TOYS, LUDENDO, OXYBUL, GAMM VERT, INTERSPORT…).

I opened many accounts and BERG has become an essential reference in karting (turnover +90% in 8 years at 2.8M Euros).

In 2019, I took over the management of smarTrike gmbh (toy) for Europe (50% of global turnover) with a subsidiary of 10 people to manage and the ambition to create a European sales team.

I recruited a Commercial Director Germany, 1 agent for the Iberica zone and other recruitments in progress were stopped by the appearance of the epidemic (turnover 12M Euros in 2020).

I carried out a very operational commercial activity, particularly in France and Benelux, with great success in specialists and the Internet (AMAZON, FNAC, KING JOUET, MAXI TOYS, OXYBUL, PICWICTOYS, INTERSPORT, AUBERT, etc.).

in France: Consulting company for Europe

After leaving smarTrike in March 2021, I created TOY INFLUENCE my consulting, marketing and sales company for the toy market in Europe (focus France) in May 2021.

I help foreign companies to establish themselves in Europe or in France via strategic studies, commercial development/follow-up and a presence at leading toy and outdoor fairs.

My mission ?

Make children happy by offering them responsible, fun and educational toys.

My vision ?

Become a key and influential company on the toy market in France.